These hanging hearts have been made from scraps of our handwoven fabrics, by our partners in India. They are made by hand and all cotton.

India is in trouble due to the raging covid infections. The hospitals are buckling, and thousands are dying due to lack of oxygen and no resources. So much of the everyday lives of India’s population exist through the services and trade business; taxi drivers, tuk tuk drivers, market stalls and shops. Many of these workers will not be supported by the government the same way those .of us in the west have been.

India is a country of community and friendships. On every visit to India I don’t just leave with a suitcase full of product, I leave with a renewed faith in kindness and a phone full of new contacts. My tuk tuk drivers still reach out to me and I consider them friends. The brothers in the marketplace in Mysore who hand roll incense and are perfume dealers still send me holiday wishes and photos from the day I spent 4 hours drinking chai with them and learning how to sell the Indian way.

But they are all scared and all without a lot of financial help. I have personally sent some money to my friends but it will not be enough.

Malabar has been built on the kindness and skill of the Indian people. Malabar IS India. And, the culture is deeply embedded in my soul and spirit.

We need to help. I have been watching and doing my homework to find out which organizations are the best to contribute to and have decided to contribute to the work of Khalsa Aid. All money raised from the sale of these hearts will be donated. Part of the donations will go directly to our friends to help feed their families, and the other half to the Khalsa Aid who are working hard to deliver much needed oxygen.

All of the money raised, minus the shipping costs will be donated.

We thank you for your contribution.

x Lyn

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