SAROD - embroidery

Composition: 100% linen ground
Colours: Yarn dyed
Total fabric Width (selvedge to selvedge): 59″”/149.75cm
Total Pattern Width: 51.18″” / 130cm
Repeat Horizontal: 16.5″” / 41.90cm
Repeat Vertical: 15.6 / 39.5cm
Suitable for: Upholstery (backing recommended), curtains, cushions
Collection: Sarod
Comments: 10 colors.
Minimum: 3 yards.
Origin: India

All through India you are surrounded by music. From the chime of a food stall cart, the blasting of hindi pop music through loudspeakers or the sweet, floating song of classical music.

The Sarod plays an integral part in these sounds. A barrel shaped string instrument, with a long neck it produces a distinct sound that curls and floats through the air.

This was the inspiration for SAROD; a collection of 10 colors of delicate embroidery on 100% linen ground.

Limit 1 sample per colorway, 8 samples per order - for any more than this, please email our sample department for your special request at
Please email for fabric order inquires. All orders are in USD and measured in Yards.

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