Terms & Conditions


TERMS & CONDITIONS – Effective Sept. 1st, 2019


These are the company Terms & Conditions outlining all transactions between customer & Nomadic Enterprises, LLC dba Malabar.

Where applicable, please issue all sales through your territory showroom. These can be found on our website at www.malabarfabrics.com/find-us

In the event that you do not have an independent sales distributor in your territory, all sales can be processed through our Head Office in Bethel, CT by calling 203 791 1355 or emailing customerservice@malabarusa.com. Our office hours are Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST.



All orders will be billed in USD.


Unless otherwise stated, all fabrics require a 3-yard minimum. We only cut on the half yard. No quarter yard cuts are permitted.


Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will we accept goods that have been cut or made up.  Please advise your workroom of this policy. A warning label is attached to every fabric alerting of this policy. If your workroom believes the fabric is flawed, please ask them to photograph and send these photos before cutting the fabric. Through these photos we will determine if the fabric is, indeed defective.

**Please see below about the nature of our handloom fabric.

NO RETURNS WILL BE ACCEPTED IF CFA HAS BEEN WAIVED. NO RETURNS WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR VELVET OR MOHAIR. No fabric orders of 5 yards or less may be returned nor will we accept returns of any orders exceeding $10,000. No returns will be considered or accepted after 10 working days of receipt of goods. All returns must be authorized by MALABAR head office and must be accompanied by a copy of the original sales order. Merchandise returned without an authorization will be refused and freight will be charged back to the client. No returns will be accepted under any conditions if the fabric/wallpaper has been cut, backed, treated for flame proofing, water or stain repellency, discontinued, or custom ordered. No fabric, dyed or natural can be guaranteed against fading. Please do not request a return on faded fabric. A restocking fee of 25% of the net wholesale price will be imposed to all cancelled orders.  Shipping charges will not be refunded.


Many of our fabrics are made by hand. This means that there is a natural occurrence of slubs and irregularities that are not considered a defect. These are the natural characteristics of a handmade product and are in no way damaged. Please advise your work room of this and ensure that they have experience working with handloomed natural fibers.





Most of our fabrics are yarn dyed, we take great care in giving you the most saturation of color.

Our dye lots fall within a variance of Industry standard. If you are wishing to match the color of a sample you have in hand, this will be considered a CUSTOM ORDER. Please review the terms of custom made product below.

For natural fibers that we leave raw and undyed, including ground cloths, we cannot control the variance in shade. A natural fiber will always have its own new expression each time.



Lead times vary and are not always accurate. Our weavers are highly skilled and experienced and on average can weave 5 yards in a day.  MALABAR takes great pride in the traditional way our fabrics are made. However, it can require patience. So, while we may quote a lead time at the beginning of your order, this is always subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes, it can take twice as long as we quote. Lead times given are estimates only and all efforts by our US customer service staff are made to ensure you get your goods on time.

Much of our inventory is held in our production facility in India. For items that are IN STOCK in India, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. For items that are IN STOCK in our Connecticut facility, these will be dispatched on the same day the order is received, if received by 2pm. Please keep this in mind when planning your order and instructions to your workroom.


We only recommend dry cleaning. Our goods are not pre-shrunk, or pre-treated.


All samples are sent from our office in Bethel, CT. Sample requests are dispatched within 24-36 hours, during regular business hours. They are sent by USPS. If you need samples sent sooner, please call our office direct at 203 791 1355. There is a $10 convenience charge for rush sample orders. All rush sample orders must be received by our office no later than 3pm EST to guarantee next day delivery.


Reserves are held for 10 days without a CFA. Reserves, with a CFA, are held for 14 days after the CFA is sent.

If you need to extend your reserve, we require a 50% deposit.







Since most of our stock is held in our warehouse in India, next to the mill, your CFA could take up to 14 days to arrive. Therefore, we ask clients to consider if a CFA is needed.

We recommend a CFA if:
*You are color matching from a previous job, and our customer service staff have advised that the dye lot is different.
We DO NOT recommend a CFA if:
*You are making a pillow
*If you need it for reference for yourself or your workroom (we’re happy to send you a sample)



Upon receipt of your order, you will receive an acknowledgement which should be reviewed immediately. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all information has been processed accurately. The order confirmation is the final agreement between the client and Malabar and is subject to acceptance by our suppliers. Please always designate pattern name, number, color and quantity when ordering. Errors can be costly and may cause unnecessary delays. Please specify cut lengths. If cut sizes are not specified we will take liberties in choosing the cuts that work best for our inventory. This is important when ordering fabrics for drapery. Please consider the width of the fabric you are ordering. You may require more or less yardage.


Some items in our collections that have trim attached, share the same ground cloth among different patterns. In an effort to better manage our inventory of ground and trim, we complete all the finishing of these items once a firm order is placed. Please allow for an additional 14 working days for this to be complete, along with shipping from our warehouse facility in India.



If an item is out of stock, we require a 50% deposit. Please always take into consideration that our product is handmade, quoted lead times can vary. ALL QUOTED LEAD TIMES ARE APPROXIMATE. We will communicate any changes to the schedule if they arise.

Any backorder quantity over 50 yards will incur a 25% cancellation fee if cancelled before completion.








Malabar accepts all credit cards and check.



All shipments are F.O.B. from our facility in Connecticut via FED EX or UPS. We can ship on customer shipping account numbers; however, a separate handling fee will be assessed based on yardage to do so.  All next day shipments must be received into our office by 2:30pm that same working day. If we receive this request after 3pm we cannot guarantee this and will revert to 2nd day shipping.

We cannot ship to P.O. Boxes and will not store merchandise once it is ready to ship. Any confirmed orders that are awaiting additional information will incur a 15% stocking fee, calculated daily on the total amount, after 5 days.

Once the goods leave our Bethel office, we are not responsible for damages or loss suffered in transit. If your merchandise arrives damaged due to transit issues, photos of packaging and material and a copy of the packing slip should be retained in order to make a shipping claim.

Fed Ex doesn’t always require a signature if delivering to a commercial business address. This is an agreement made between the destination business and Fed Ex. We are not responsible for goods delivered and not signed for, should they go missing. This is the responsibility of your workroom.



We do not provide services for knit backing, please inquire per individual patterns if any finishes have been applied to the fabric.



We welcome your inquiries for custom orders. Prices and minimums are subject to the specifications of our mills and are quoted on an individual basis. A deposit of 50% is required to activate a custom order + an additional sample charge of $150-$300. All fabrics are subject to dye lot variation. Please do not consider your memo sample as current stock. We will always match as closely as possible to your current sample. Natural fibers will always vary due to environmental conditions, and variations in the weave will be evident from one shipment to the next. Once initiated, custom orders may not be cancelled and will not be refunded.








Our velvet often needs time to acclimate. We highly recommend that you instruct your work room to unbox the goods upon delivery or hang on something suspended. We advise this even if the workroom will take some time before using the fabric. Creases, while sometimes extreme looking, are common and will smooth out in a short period of time if the fabric is allowed to breath, and acclimate. We do not accept returns on velvet that is creased.


Our original block prints are printed to order. We do not offer a CFA on demand. There is a small handling fee if CFA is requested. The dye is made upon receipt of order to maintain the best quality color saturation and matched against a master color sheet. This is a HAND BLOCKED print. Irregularities in print and dye saturation is a normal part of this technique. The irregularity is the point of block printed fabric.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for your order to be complete.



All orders for wallpaper are per full roll only. Please call for length of roll. No CFA’S provided. Our grass cloths are made of a natural fiber and dye lots vary. Please call our office if you need all rolls from the same dye lot.

Our staff will not calculate the amount needed for your job. We will not assume responsibility for short yardage. Please consult your workroom and, or, your hired professional.



Malabar has a long history working with the most skilled dye masters and weavers in Southern India. We take great pride in our long standing relationship with our suppliers and our commitment to hand-loom. As many in the industry move toward automation and rush toward appeasing trends, we dig deeper in our search for innovation in tradition and know that a high quality, hand-made product will always stand the test of time in style, function and quality. If any of our products are made by machine it is because the design calls for this style of production.


All designs are Nomadic Enterprise, LLC dba MALABAR exclusive product.