TINKARENI - specialty handloom ombre cotton stripe

Tinkareni is a slow, sustainable fabric made by hand. Tinkareni is a multi color ombre cotton stripe woven by hand on a traditional floor loom. Over 10 specific steps are taken by our skilled artisans to produce this unique design. Each color is VAT dyed by hand and there are close to 20 colors in each SKU. Very little electricity is used in the making of this sustainable fabric. It takes time, but that this the point. A long process so you have a unique fabric that can passed from generation.

Composition: 100% cotton
Colours: Yarn dyed / VAT dyed
Width: 137cm/54in
Vertical repeat: None
Horizontal repeat: 33cm/13in
Suitable for: Upholstery, curtains, cushions
Origin: India


Limit 1 sample per colorway, 8 samples per order - for any more than this, please email our sample department for your special request at samples@malabarusa.com
Please email info@malabarusa.com for fabric order inquires. All orders are in USD and measured in Yards.

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